Regular A/C service can stop damaging compressors

Did you know that regular A/C service can stop damaging compressors ?!!

Dirty Indoor/ Outdoor coil can potentially damage your compressor. It is crystal clear that when the indoor coil in not clean,  liquid refrigerant can not absorb enough heat from ambient to turn into vapor and get enough superheated.

As a result, liquid refrigerant easily move toward the compressor through suction line that this issue  can damage the internal parts of the compressor in systems that have no accumulator such as Split air conditioning and heat pumps.

On the other hand, dirty outdoor coil can cause  hot vapor  that leaving through discharge line not cool down enough. Consequently, this hot vapor return to compressor in the cycle. As most compressors are suction cool, this matter can make the compressor too much hot results in compressor overload. In the long run, this matter can readily lead to compressor failure.