Ducted Air Conditioning systems

Ducted A/C units are sort of centralized cooling/heating systems that can chill or warm your entire place more effectively and efficiently when they come with smart zoning systems in compared to Split A/C units. They can be used in residential and commercial places.

These systems are called ducted because we use different ducts run from it and into  different spots of your place to control your desired temperature. Generally speaking, ducted A/Cs consist of two parts, internal fancoil unit which is installed between the space of your ceiling and roof and outdoor unit which is installed outside the house in the yard or on the wall.

With all mentioned benefits, if you are encouraged to install a ducted A/C unit with smart zoning system, your house should meet the requirements of a standard installation. For that, our expert technicians can inspect your place to determine the size and installation spots of your new smart A/C system.

Ducted Air Conditioning PMS (Preventive Maintenance Service)

*Single System Ducted Air Conditioner PMS $250 plus gst

*Two Ducted Air Conditioners PMS $350 plus gst

*Three Ducted Air Conditioner PMS $450 plus gst